Preventive Maintenance

With most modern technologies, the likelihood of experiencing problems—even product failure—increases with long-term use. Your laboratory instruments are no exception.

The key to minimizing problems and downtime is preventive maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals, which can help maximize performance, reliability and the lifespan of the instrument.

Consider why these and other benefits of preventive maintenance can pay off for your lab.

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Why Preventive Maintenance Pays Off

There are numerous benefits to proactive care for your instrument. This preventive maintenance helps your lab reduce unexpected downtime, better plan for scheduled downtime, avoid breakdowns, and allow your instrument to last much longer.

Prevention at a lower hourly cost

Avoid costly breakdowns

Reduce production downtime

Accurate and reliable measurements

Increase instrument's life expectancy

Avoid premature replacement

Full control of maintenance budget

Timely software updates

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance with a Plan

Extended instrument life

By ensuring your instrument receives proper, scheduled maintenance, you're able to keep it running efficiently and better conserve assets by avoiding premature replacement.

Improved uptime

External/internal cleaning and other proactive maintenance activities help to avoid instrument failure and improve overall performance and lab productivity.

Secure financial forecasting

Maintenance costs can be budgeted predictably, particularly if a contract includes full coverage (e.g., Protective Care service agreements bundle together preventive maintenance, parts, labor and travel).

Priority support

When support is needed immediately, customers with a preventive maintenance (PM) agreement enjoy scheduling priority as well as access to our technical support hotline and remote diagnostic service, BeckmanConnect.*

Timely software updates

During PM visits, field service engineers can upgrade instruments with the latest software upgrades, which might include additional applications or new features that can further enhance productivity.

Maintain safety

PM helps ensure safe and reliable operation (and nothing is more important than operator safety). For example, centrifuges are inspected for aging or worn out parts that are then replaced to maintain safe operation.

Performance according to spec

Checking electronics, sensors, and keyboard/display function helps ensure the instrument is operating according to manufacturer specifications – and adjustments are performed if needed.

Dependable service performed by experts

Factory-trained and certified engineers help guarantee professional execution of all maintenance activities. This ensures up-to-date service manuals, proper tools, and guaranteed OEM replacement parts.

*BeckmanConnect is not available for all instruments.

Pitfalls of Reactive Maintenance

While a “run-to-failure,” reactive maintenance strategy might save money in the short term, its negative aspects almost always outweigh the perceived savings.

Negative Impact

  • Preventive maintenance missed
  • Potentially preventable failures
  • Out-of-tolerance or inaccurate results leading to costly rework
  • Negative impact to employee productivity
  • Regulatory compliance violations
  • Decline in quality and safety conditions
  • Backlog and delays in R&D and manufacturing
  • Non-budgeted expenses for repair costs and additional maintenance (at "list" prices)

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