Cell Counters, Sizers and Media Analyzers

Since the invention of the original COULTER COUNTER in 1954, we have built a full family of innovations that streamline cell counting, sizing, viability analysis and cell culture monitoring systems-thereby opening up new possibilities for you in life sciences.

Every solution we create starts with you, and the performance, accuracy and workflow efficiency you need. Reliable engineering is built in, so that you can count on your instrument to meet the demands of your lab time after time. We've continually introduced new innovations to improve your workflow culminating in a full family of cell counters including our Vi-CELL cell viability platform and the Multisizer 4e particle size analyzer.

Each takes a different approach to help you count, size and monitor cell health, featuring sophisticated, industry-leading technology. They're powerful, versatile and precise platforms, yet still perfectly user-friendly and intuitive. So whether you're looking for full automation, in-depth results, or simply a level of reliability unmatched in the industry, you're sure to have a solution that meets your needs.