Accessible Flow Learning Center

We’re Making Flow Cytometry More Accessible

Flow cytometry is a technology that measures and rapidly analyzes multiple characteristics of cells as they pass through a beam of laser light.

With it, you can:

  • Unmask rare phenotypes and events in heterogenous populations
  • Track multiple surface or intracellular markers in an experiment
  • Produce complex, quantitative datasets rich with information
  • Flow cytometry truly is a powerful technology and that’s why we’re on a mission to make it more accessible to labs around the world.

    Your Flow Cytometry Journey

    We realize that flow cytometry can seem complex and intimidating, especially to those just discovering it. We also know that even the most experienced flow cytometrists are always looking for ways to ensure the reliability and reproducibility of flow cytometry data, and ideas on how to streamline panel design.

    By providing you with the right resources, tools and instruments, we’re hoping to empower you to take your research to new heights and push the boundaries of what’s possible in cell analyzing and sorting.