Extracellular Vesicles (EVs)


Flexibility and Customization for your EVs Workflow

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) have recently gained recognition for their untapped potential as therapeutics and biomarkers. These vesicles are released by almost all cell types and play a crucial role in cell-cell communication by transporting mRNA and miRNAs.
The vast diversity of EVs opens up numerous research and development opportunities.

However, isolating EVs while preserving their vesicles and cargo intact remains a significant challenge. The lack of standardized isolation and purification methods, coupled with the inherent heterogeneity of EVs, makes the production and purification process complex.

Developing a tailored workflow to isolate and analyze EVs for your specific requirements is difficult when relying on one-size-fits-all solutions. Our workflow offers flexibility and customization, enabling accelerated answers and unlocking the potential of your desired EV species.









Cultivate productive sources of extracellular vesicles with automated cell culture, viability measurements, and media analysis. Efficiently refine culture supernatant and separate desirable microparticles from debris and large particulates. Flexibly purify the desired size and density of extracellular vesicle from a heterogeneous sample. Customizable protocols can be fit to your specific needs. Discover the potential of your purified extracellular vesicles: perform small particle analyses to study physical characteristics, and extract RNA to understand vesicle cargo.


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Direct EV Measurement in Complex Biofluids Using Single Vesicle Flow Cytometry (vFCTM) and the CytoFLEX

by John Nolan PhD

CEO of Cellarcus Biosciences



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What are EVs? What are EVs used for?

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Ranging from 30 to 500 nm in diameter, EVs carry a variety of cargos and play critical roles in intercellular communication and physiological processes including angiogenesis, cell differentiation, and tumor growth. Download the poster to learn more.



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