Addressing the 8 Process Wastes in Sample Preparation

8 Wastes icon Defects


caused by the addition of a wrong reagent to your sample, sample mix-up during preparation or transcription errors can be largely eliminated from your process as the CellMek SPS automates and traces the entire process from specimen input to sample ready to analyze.


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8 Wastes icon Overproduction


like a surplus of pre-mixed antibody cocktails or time consuming training of your staff to ensure process standardization will be mitigated as the CellMek SPS simultaneously prepares a wide variety of samples leveraging pre-programmed and standardized methods for your LDT workflows.


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8 Wastes icon Waiting


based on batch processing bottlenecks, centrifugation and incubation times can be eliminated by the CellMek SPS’s continuous loading and unloading capabilities, onboard cell wash and parallel processing that empower the optimization of individual time to result for your patients.


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8 Wastes icon Non Utilized Talent

Non-utilized Talent

is a real threat as skilled techs are hard to find. Fully automated sample preparation including a comprehensive audit trail will allow your staff to concentrate on more value adding tasks like the development of new assays or data analysis.


CellMek SPS helps to reduce manual processing
in the clinical flow cytometry

8 Wastes icon Transportation


of multiple refrigerated deliveries of liquid reagents can be addressed by the system’s ability to process DURACartridges, an innovative, new format of customized dry reagent panels.


DURACartridges for the CellMek SPS

8 Wastes icon Inventory


management can be time consuming and complex. CellMek SPS provides on-board refrigerated reagent storage as well as a full reagent audit trail to help address this.


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8 Wastes icon Motion


like transcription of data, manual pipetting, opening and closing containers and refrigerators can be significantly reduced via the CellMek SPS system’s capacity to store reagents, pierce reagent caps, wash samples and specimens, and the option to integrate with your LIS.


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8 Wastes icon Extra Processing

Extra Processing

like repeated testing performed to mitigate process variability or defects can be minimized as automation of the full sample preparation process will help standardization and reduce the risk of manual error-prone steps in your workflow.


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