A Reliable Path to Cell Harvest
Optimize your cell harvest application by pairing a trusted Avanti® JXN Series Centrifuge with BioSafe* and sterile labware options.

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Establish your cell harvesting step with an Avanti JXN Series Centrifuge

With an Avanti JXN Series High-Performance Centrifuge, you'll get simplified high-throughput sample processing and more control.

Make your lab more efficient with:

  • Remote monitoring and control flexibility with MobileFuge App
  • Advanced, easy-to-use data management
  • Intuitive interface with large displays that are visible across the lab
  • Ergonomic design

Built with GMP Needs at the Forefront

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You're in Control

Track and control your centrifuge usage with up to 50 user-defined profiles with designated permissions. Know what's spinning and keep track of rotor usage, all housed on the instrument.

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View runs in real time

The Windows10 interface makes it easy to manage your centrifuge run and user data. Realtime run graphing lets you plot speed and temp over time to track and record your progress.

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Convenient Storage Options

The Avanti JXN Series Centrifuges make storing your data easy. You can save directly onto the instrument itself, export to a network, load onto a USB or even send to your local printer.

Keep spinning with service you can rely on

Leave the maintenance to us with our expert service plans.

Let us help you get the training and maintenance plans you need to keep innovating with:

  • Start-up care to help get you started on your new instrument
  • Tailored post-warranty plans that fit your unique needs


How the Avanti Works in Your Cell Harvest Application

harvest liner icon

Put safety first with sterile HarvestLine bottle liners and BioSafe* bottle options

Centrifuge Rotor

Choose the right rotor for running high to low volumes

Avanti Centrifuge Icon

Spin more efficiently using the Avanti JXN Series Centrifuges

Speed up your cell harvest application

With lab efficiency, safety and compliance top-of-mind, we've built the Avanti High-Performance Centrifuge to make your lab run better.

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*BioSafe and Biosafety are terms intended to describe the enhanced biocontainment features of our products. Improper use or maintenance may affect seal integrity and, thus, containment.

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