Automated PCR Purification

Built using the Biomek 4000, i5 and i7 liquid handlers, Biomek Genomic Workstations offer scalable automation solutions for PCR purification, pipetting-intensive qPCR/PCR setup, quality control (QC) and quantification protocols. Automated sample prep for these methods can be incorporated into genomic workflows such as NGS, qPCR and microarrays.

Biomek i5 Span-8 NGS Workstation Features

  • Span-8 pod with fixed and disposable tips
  • Enhanced Selective Tip pipetting to transfer custom array of samples
  • Independent 360˚ rotating gripper with offset fingers optimize access to high density decks
  • High deck capacity with 25 positions
  • Orbital Shakers, peltiers, span-8 and 96 channel Tip washing for controlling sample processing
  • On-deck thermocycler option
  • Enclosure option

Biomek 4000 8-Channel PCR Cleanup and Setup Workstations Features

  • With both single-channel and multichannel pipette tools Biomek 4000 has a dynamic pipetting range of 1-1000 µL
  • Single Tip pipetting to transfer custom arrays of samples
  • Enhanced Gripper tool optimizes access to both on-deck and off-deck integrated solutions
  • Orbital shakers, peltiers and thermal cycling for controlling sample processing
  • Enclosure option

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