3rd Annual LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit

April 29 - May 2, 2024

Boston, Massachusetts

United States

About the Event

Join us at the premier event for the LNP (Lipid Nanoparticle) community, where industry experts, researchers, and professionals gather to explore the latest advancements in improving quantification and characterization of LNP-RNA loading states.

At our booth, you will have the opportunity to discover cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing the field of LNP formulation and process development. Our experts will provide in-depth demonstrations and answer any questions you may have. Experience firsthand how AUC (Analytical Ultracentrifugation) and the CytoFLEX nano flow cytometer can enhance your research and development processes.

CytoFLEX nano Flow Cytometer

The CytoFLEX nano flow cytometer gives you the ability to count, size and characterize EVs with a single technique. Greater sensitivity with the ability to fully characterize EVs down to 40nm. Consistent instrument performance thanks to extensive automated QC processes. Flexibility to explore your sample with 6 fluorescent channels and five side scatter channels.

Optima AUC Analytical Ultracentrifuge  

Optima AUC

The Optima AUC revolutionizes the field of analytical ultracentrifugation. With its advanced technology and exceptional performance, the Optima AUC offers precise and accurate analysis for a wide range of applications, including protein characterization, particle size determination, and macromolecular interaction studies.

In addition to our booth, we are thrilled to present a talk on "Improving quantification and characterization of LNP-RNA Loading states." Join us to gain practical insights and strategies to optimize your LNP research. Our experienced speakers will share their expertise through real-life case studies and provide valuable knowledge to propel your own projects forward.

Mark your calendar and make plans to visit Booth 18 at the 3rd LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit 2024 in Boston, MA. We look forward to welcoming you and showcasing how our technologies can drive innovation and success in your LNP projects.

Register now to secure your spot at this event and take your LNP research and development to new heights!